Small Theaters Fill Entertainment Niche in North Dakota

Movie houses in small towns offer nostalgic look at silver screen

Experience "movie night" in a most nostalgic way - at one of North Dakota's small-town theaters. At some, little has changed since picture shows made their debuts. Technology in the film room has evolved but the ambiance of a dark theater, buttered popcorn and a movie with friends is the same as it was when Marlon and Marilyn and the Duke filled the screen.

There, people go to the movie with friends purely by accident, as most everyone knows everyone in town. These gathering places are vital to the fabric of a community.

One such community is Kenmare. When faced with the prospect of losing its theater due to needed equipment upgrades, the town raised funds to get the Kenmare Theatre the equipment it needed to keep the theater open. Movies are shown on the weekend and the theater is staffed by young people.

Community support is what keeps many of the theaters in operation. The Harvey Central Cinema, for instance, relies on volunteers to remain open.

Like old movies take people back in time, you, too, can take a step back by checking out first-run movies in a unique setting.  Click here for some of the nostalgic theaters in North Dakota