North Dakota Knowledge Quiz

Test your North Dakota knowledge.


1.  In 1804, explorers Lewis and Clark were accompanied on their trek from Dakota Territory to the Pacific Ocean by an Indian woman named _____________________. 

2.  The American President who came to hunt and fish in Dakota Territory as a young man and became a rancher in the Badlands was _____________________________. 

3.  In the Sioux language, the word "Dakota" means_________________________. 

4.  The International Peace Garden is on the border between North Dakota and ______________________________. 

5.  The North Dakota city which is the geographical center of North America is _____________________________. 

6.  The Red River, which divides north Dakota and Minnesota, is unique in that it flows which direction? ___________________.

7.  The state flower is the _______________, recognized by its five pink petals and found along roadsides and in pastures. 

8.  The two major immigrant groups settling Dakota Territory between 1806 and 1900 were the __________________ and ____________________. 

9.  Following agriculture and oil, North Dakota's third-largest industry is _________________________. 

10.  The state bird is the __________________. Approximately the size of a robin, it sports a yellow breast with a black bib over its mottled brown body. These song birds are found from Wisconsin to Texas and westward to the Pacific. 

11.  The largest city in North Dakota is ________________. 

12.  Under the _________________ Act, a new settler in Dakota Territory was given 160 acres for living on the land and cultivating a portion of it for five years. 

13.  The 1995 Legislative Assembly designated the ________________ as the official American folk dance of North Dakota. 

14.  The _________________ breed may well be those distinct horses descended from Sioux Chief Sitting Bull's war ponies. Some still run wild in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

15.  On March 2, 1861, President James Buchanan signed the bill creating Dakota Territory, which originally included the area covered today by both Dakotas as well as ________________ and _________________.



1. Sakakawea

2. Theodore Roosevelt

3. Friend

4. Canada

5. Rugby

6. North

7. Wild Prairie Rose

8. Scandinavian and Germans from Russia

9. Tourism

10. Meadowlark

11. Fargo

12. Homestead

13. Square Dance

14. Nokota

15. Montana and Wyoming