Ranching in the sunset
riding horse at Sheyene Oaks horse camp
Wheat at sunset

Embrace Western Harmony on a North Dakota Ranch or Farm Vacation

Get in harmony with the authentic West on a North Dakota ranch and farm

If you’re looking for a ranching or farming experience, you’ve found the right state – North Dakota. Locations such as Black Leg Ranch near McKenzie and Logging Camp Ranch near Amidon are working ranches that offer visitors the experience of ranching, nights in comfortable cabins and the darkest, starriest skies you will ever see. You’ve never truly stargazed until you have done so in North Dakota.

Horseback riding at black leg ranch

Black Leg Ranch was founded in 1882 before North Dakota was a state. Guests can ride horses along wagon trails and stay in modern lodges on the ranch.

Logging Camp Ranch

Logging Camp Ranch in southwest North Dakota was founded in the 1880s and is still a working ranch, where guests get the full treatment, including stays in ponderosa pine cabins.

Riding horses at Sheyenne Oaks

Those who have horses, or friends of those who have horses, can settle in for an extended stay and unique riding experiences at Sheyenne Oak Horse Camp at Leonard. There, man, horse and nature are in harmony with 70,000 acres of public land. Or a few days in a cabin and horseback riding in the scenic Badlands at Little Missouri State Park and Eastview Campgrounds near Killdeer, or Lone Butte Ranch near Grassy Butte, both providing amazing experiences.

Lone Butte ranch

If you’re more into crops than horses, several farms provide access to activities on the north 40, or south 40 or the full 160 acres – and more … much more.

Crooked Lane Farm

Crooked Lane Farm at Colfax is a chance to enjoy rural life and engage in activities while learning what it’s like on a small farm. Others like gardendwellers FARM at Esmond or Slavic Heritage Farm near Rugby take guests through the day-to-day operations and jobs required to keep a working farm operational and “feeding the world.”

Gardendewellers Farm

North Dakota is often known as the place to visit for a "Real American" experience. In fact, it's why North Dakota is frequently ranked in the Top Five for U.S. destinations by international guests. In North Dakota, you can spend the day in the saddle, or gather 'round the campfire at a powwow or modern western ranch.

If you are looking for a peaceful getaway away from the busy traffic, noise and crowds, you will find that, peace and harmony right here in North Dakota.