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North Dakota AgriTourism

North Dakota AgriTourism

Dig into North Dakota’s agricultural side and spend some time working and playing on our farms and ranches. Agritourism opportunities abound at our pumpkin patches, vineyards, farm festivals, corn mazes and more. North Dakota crops explode with color right before harvest.

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Celebrate North Dakota’s food and farm life. Our robust farm and ranch industry spans over 39.2 million acres. North Dakota farm and ranch families are diversifying and developing programs and activities that help consumers connect with the farm and ranch community. You can meet your local farmer or attend farm-to-table events and farmers markets.

Have fun while visiting over 60 unique Agritourism experiences such as pumpkin patches and corn mazes, vineyards, wineries and gardens, and U-pick operations; working ranch opportunities; and bison, llama, sheep, and petting farms.

There are over 516 North Dakota Pride of Dakota members who make, manufacture, process or produce handmade, homemade, and hand-crafted items. Experience savory cultural food festivals from BBQs and ribfests to the Scandinavian flavor of Norsk Høstfest, Icelandic flavors at August the Deuce, as well as German Oktoberfests and Sauerkraut Day. Visit for more fair foods, fall festivals with rhubarb, watermelon and sunflowers, and Pumpkinfest, Potato Days, and Goosefest.

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Get Involved in Agriculture with North Dakota Farmers and Ranchers

“If you eat, you are involved in agriculture,” said Wendell Berry, an American novelist and farmer. Food connects all of us and we should celebrate the many food choices we enjoy daily. North Dakota farmers and ranchers grow and raise more than 50 different commodities that are sold around the world, and across the street. Farmers and ranchers not only grow and raise the food we eat but can help us better understand where our food comes from. We encourage you to use the North Dakota Local Foods Map to connect with a farmer through the food you eat, either at the farmers market or by taking the extra time to get off the beaten path to discover something truly legendary.

We make it easy for you to enjoy the flavors of the farmers markets, food festivals and farm and ranch experiences in North Dakota.

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