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4e Winery ,
3766 156th Ave. SE,
Mapleton, ND
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Quality products, born of the northern prairie, kissed by the sun, nourished by flowing rivers and brought to life by prairie breezes are the foundation of  Elements wines.

The 4 e's

The ancient Greeks held the belief that everything was made up of four unchanging elements – Earth, Fire, Water and Air. This idea formed the cornerstone of science, philosophy and medicine for more than 2,000 years. The four icons representing 4 Elements Winery are the alchemical symbols for these classic building blocks of the universe. This represents our philosophy of returning to the basic elements of wine-making. Quality products, born of the northern prairie (earth), kissed by the sun (fire), nourished by flowing rivers (water) and brought to life by prairie breezes (air) are the foundation of 4e Wines. Our goal is to produce the finest wines, allowing the purity of the fruit to express itself as it was meant to be with as little manipulation as possible.

About the winemaker:

4e Winery grew out of a passion by wine-maker Greg Cook to craft quality wines from pure northern prairie ingredients. He and his wife, Lisa, purchased the property for the winery in 2012 and have been working on their dream ever since. Greg has been an avid home wine maker since 2000 labeling his craft as Cook Prairie Wines. He has a Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry and has been a professor of chemistry at North Dakota State University since 1996. He and his wife Lisa have embarked on building a dream winery to share the experience of North Dakota wines with everyone.

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