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Discover North Dakota's local wineries, breweries and distilleries

Tip a glass and sample some of North Dakota's finest local flavors!

North Dakota's beverage scene offers a delightful array of wines, brews, and spirits, showcasing the state's agricultural diversity and creativity. Wineries are flourishing, producing traditional and inventive wines infused with local ingredients like honey and fruit, inviting visitors to sample their unique offerings.

Similarly, microbreweries are on the rise, crafting a variety of brews infused with North Dakota's wheat and other local products, alongside ciders made from local apples. Distilleries also contribute to the mix, producing spirits from potatoes or grains, each batch meticulously vapor-infused for distinct flavors. With each location boasting its own personality and flavors, exploring our local wineries, breweries, and distilleries promises an exciting journey of discovery.

Whether you're sipping on a glass of wine, enjoying a cold brew, or tasting locally crafted spirits, our beverage scene offers a rich tapestry of flavors to explore. So, embark on a culinary adventure, discover new favorites, and indulge in the diverse and vibrant beverage culture that North Dakota has to offer. For those interested in visiting, many locations welcome the public during regular business hours, but it's advisable to call ahead for more information and tour availability.

AgriTourism in North Dakota

Ignite your curiosity with sight, sound, touch and taste of AgriTourism. AgriTourism, the combination of agriculture and tourism, is growing in numbers and diversifying in products to include working farms and ranch visits, vineyards, wineries and breweries, pumpkin patches, orchards for farm festivals, corn mazes and U-pick fun.

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Vineyards throughout the state

  • Twisted Sisters Vineyard, 15154 Sixth St SE, Blanchard, 701-430-0972
  • Red Trail Vineyard, 3510 142nd Ave SE, Buffalo, 701-238-3337
  • Stomp’n Grapes Vineyard, 210 County Rd 19 N, Cooperstown, 701-426-0385
  • Long Shadow Vineyards, 922 150th Ave SE, Galesburg, 701-430-0281
  • Haymarsh Valley Vineyards, 3220 County Rd 88, Glen Ullin, 701-878-4167
  • Double D Vineyards, 16805 83rd St SE, Hankinson, 701-545-7415
  • Kesselring Vineyard, 5720 160th Ave SE, Kindred, 612-741-5691
  • Prince Family Vineyard, 600 NW First St, Linton, 916-704-7651
  • Dakota Breeze Vineyard, 17805 83rd St SE, Wahpeton, 701-642-1940
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