Going to the Extreme in North Dakota

Extreme racing is gaining in popularity all across North Dakota

Screenshot from the Experience Land website

Some people like to take things to the extreme, and athletes are no exception. Extreme sports are growing ever more popular for their extreme distances, obstacles, locations and more. North Dakota is not exempt to this proliferation; quite the contrary. With a sometimes ill-temperate climate, rugged and varied landscape and a strong corps of athletes, extreme sports are growing more popular and events more numerous throughout the state. These events can include running, biking, swimming and endurance - or a combination of such. Two groups - ENDracing (Extreme North Dakota Racing) and LAND (Legendary Adventures New Discoveries) - are the primary, but not exclusive, providers of extreme sports adventures in North Dakota. Go to their websites for complete lists of events. Unique events include END-TOMBED, END-NORSE, Bold St. Nick's Fat Bike Race and the Maah Daah Hey 150. Test yourself in the great North Dakota outdoors at your own pace. You'll be extremely glad you did.

North Dakota Marathons

Bismarck Marathon
Fargo Marathon
Wild Hog Grand Forks Marathon
Rollin' on the River In-Line Marathon