Biking on the Maah Daah Hey Trail
Heritage Center
International Peace Garden
Fargo Air Museum
Medora Musical

Now is the Time to Plan for Summer Travel in North Dakota

Don’t wait until summer arrives or is over, to start planning your North Dakota vacation.

The gutters and downspouts can wait. So can trimming the trees and planting grass. Don’t wait until summer arrives to start planning your North Dakota vacation. Make it part of the annual “honey-do” list.

Get a jump on your summer getaway by making a list of places to go and sites to see. The Maah Daah Hey Trail is a 144-mile singletrack for hiking, biking and horseback riding. It's rugged, tame, challenging and easy. Access the trail anywhere and spend a day - or several - in the great outdoors. 

Your trip might include touring the expansion of the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum at Bismarck, a walk through the Fargo Air Museum,  a trip underground at the Oscar Zero Minuteman Missile Site at Cooperstown or a stroll through two nations at the International Peace Garden near Dunseith.

Take some time to decide what you want to see and where and when you want to go. Look in the events section of this website for special activities, then find a room or campsite in advance along your travel route.

Some things are best booked in advance, like the Medora Musical and lodging in Medora and the McQuade Softball Tournament in Bismarck.

It’s been said that half the fun of going somewhere is getting there. So make sure you stop for photo ops at one of the many larger-than-life roadside attractions along the way.

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