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North Dakota Garden Parties

Gardens Abound in North Dakota

Gardens are important to North Dakota; so important, in fact, that there is a 2,300-acre floral wonderland dedicated to peace straddling the border of North Dakota and the Canadian province of Manitoba. And that’s only the start to the floral displays to be found around the state.

Couple sitting on a bench at International Peace Garden

International Peace Garden

Any tour must include a visit to the International Peace Garden, located in the Turtle Mountains north of Dunseith. The garden encompassing 2, 300 acres is a great place to stroll around over 100,000 flowers and floral displays. The Floral Flag includes the colors of red, white and blue for the American flag and white and red for the Canadian flag. The gardens represent the friendship and promise of peace among the two countries. The International Peace Garden also features a large display of cactus. The collection includes more than 1,000 different sizes, shapes and varieties, all located in a specially-built conservatory. The garden also offers groups a restaurant, gift shop, large parking, interpretive center and attractions like the Carillon Bell Tower, Peace Chapel, 911 Memorial and Sunken Gardens. Please contact the International Peace Garden for entrance fees, document requirements, step-on-guides and for lunch arrangements.

Japanese Garden in Grand Forks

Japanese Garden

A garden of gratitude comes with a helping of natural beauty at the Japanese Garden in Grand Forks. It commemorates the recovery from the 1997 Red River Valley flood and was a gift given by Grand Forks’ sister city, Awano, Japan. The lovely, unique garden features three lanterns made from granite rock, each with its own name and significant meaning, that grace the landscape of Sertoma Park. Parking is allowed on the street and there are no fees to enjoy the park.

Flowers at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Gardens of a different kind await within the units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Wildflowers, shrubs and trees abound in the North Unit near Watford City and South Unit at Medora. Trails with stream crossings and stunning overlooks let hikers get a close look at the diverse prairie ecosystem. The national park visitor centers offer several brochures highlighting self-guided tours and details of their unit’s geological, ecological and historical significance.  National park fees are accessed for all types of transportation into the park, and parking is available throughout with designated pull-outs with some of the best viewing and photography opportunities in the park.

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Northern Plains Botanic Garden

Northern Plains Botanic Garden

Free and open to the public, the Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society invites you to enjoy the Northern Plains Botanic Garden located in Fargo which consists of four gardens: Edible Forest, Children's Garden, Japanese Garden and the Woodland Garden. There hours are from sunrise to sunset, Monday through Sunday, January through December.