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Our state is big on small business. In our local shops you’ll find goods that are legendarily North Dakotan. Whether you’re looking for a place to pick up that perfect souvenir or send a gift home to family, these gifts scream North Dakota pride. Click here for the legendary North Dakota Holiday Gift Guide and be sure to check out the North Dakota Be Legendary gear here! 

Shop ND Smart. Shop ND Safe.

  • Consider shopping at off-peak times, avoiding lunch hour or around 5 p.m. when many people get off of work.
  • Remember to double check business hours! Some places reserve time specifically for high-risk shoppers or have updated their usual working hours to meet restrictions.
  • PLAN AHEAD. If there is a big event coming up (like the holidays) don’t wait until the last minute to get your gifts.
  • Take advantage of online stores to avoid adding to potential crowds of other last-minute shoppers.
  • Check for curbside pick-up to make your shopping trip both safer AND faster!
  • Be respectful. Please wear your mask and follow all social-distancing guidelines.

Iconic Gifts

Take some of these iconic North Dakota souvenirs home with you. Click whichever of these catches your eye to learn the story behind the product and where to get it.

Top Local Picks

Locals know all the best spots right? Check out these must-stop shops to load up on North Dakota-themed art, food and gifts; each one with its own unique experience the second you step inside.



Pride of Dakota

Pride of Dakota is your ultimate resource to locally made North Dakota products. Developed in 1985 by the North Dakota Agriculture Department and local business leaders, what started as a list of less than two dozen vendors now has more than 500 businesses from large-scale companies to small “mom and pop” shops. Keep an eye out for this stamp as you travel and shop to support proud North Dakota businesses or buy online. 

Pride of Dakota

The Gift of Travel

The gift of travel brings lifelong memories with it. But we get it. Travel is tricky right now. So whether you’re ready to explore safely now or are dreaming of that next adventure down the road, we’ll be ready. #LetsMakePlans