Sunset on the Badlands Bluffs

North Dakota Sunsets

Why are the sunsets in North Dakota so beautiful?

When you factor in North Dakota's excellent visibility due to minimal pollution, wide open spaces and a diverse and fairly flat landscape, its no wonder that prime sky viewing conditions exist in our state.

Wherever your travels take you throughout North Dakota, you are bound to come across awe-inspiring sunsets painting the sky with beautiful hues of orange, red and blue that span the horizon. Have your camera ready to capture the perfect end to a perfect day. Following are some great locations to see amazing sunsets.

Sunsets and Fun in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Take in some of the most amazing sunsets in Theodore Roosevelt National Park while having the time of your life exploring and experiencing all the park has to offer.

Devils Lake

Devils Lake is the largest natural body of water in North Dakota. Sunsets here with a fishing pole in your hand, or just hanging out on the dock are a summer dream come true.


Riverbend Overlook

See unbelievable sunsets that look like a watercolor painting at one of the most iconic overlooks in North Dakota. You are sure to be delighted with even more beautiful places to take in the scenery and sunsets within the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.


Coteau des Prairies Lodge

Sunsets cast a warm glow across endless miles of prairies at the Coteau des Prairies Lodge. Book your stay, enjoy the views and breathe in the fresh prairie air.


Lake Sakakawea

There is 180 miles of shoreline along Lake Sakakawea providing unending opportunities for viewing extraordinary sunsets.



There is plenty of space in smaller towns throughout North Dakota for those fireball sunsets to really shine through.


Fort Lincoln State Park

The blockhouses at the top of North Dakota's oldest state park will treat you to gorgeous views of Bismarck and sunsets that will take your breath away.


Canola Fields

Slow down and enjoy the fields of yellow on the ground melding with the seas of orange in the sky. Canola season and sunsets will do your heart good.


Open Roads

The definition of peaceful in North Dakota is an open road at sunset. Plan a road trip to explore, take in the sunsets, and feel the calm and peacefulness for yourself.


Red River

Balance a hot sky with the cool water by enjoying a kayak ride along the Red River in Fargo. Craving more adventures on the water? Check out our list of kayaking hot spots across the state.