12-foot-long giant sea turtle on display at the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum
The Pembina State Museum features an observation tower to overlook the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Canada
A local Native American story teller gives a flute concert and historical interpretation at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park
Fort Totten started as a military post that transitioned to a Native American boarding school
Fort Abercrombie features blockhouses and a rich history

Delve into North Dakota History & Culture

Learn about North Dakota's legendary past through forts and state historic sites.

North Dakota is a wealth of history and culture. Experience centuries of history that have been carefully restored and preserved at museums, forts and historic sites across the state.

State Museums

Dinosaurs at the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum

Explore North Dakota's legendary past at two free state museums, theĀ North Dakota Heritage CenterĀ and State Museum in Bismarck and the Pembina State Museum in Pembina.

State Historic Forts and Historic Sites

Chateau de Mores State Historic Site

Experience North Dakota's legendary military history through a visit to a state historic site or historic fort. Forts were established to provide protection and central meeting places as settlers pushed west.

The State Historical Society of North Dakota operates most of the 59 state historic sites and forts in the North Dakota.

Fort Abercrombie State Historic Site

Fort Abercrombie - Abercrombie
The first military post in North Dakota. An interpretive center is open May-September.

Fort Abraham Lincoln - Mandan
Guided tours of General Custer's reconstructed home, central barracks, commissary and stable.

Fort Buford

Fort Buford - Williston
Exhibits in original buildings and reconstructed barracks. Sitting Bull surrendered here in 1881.

Fort Clark - Washburn
An important American Indian archaeological site.

Fort Dilts - Rhame
Site of a besieged wagon train party in 1864.

Fort Mandan

Fort Mandan - Washburn
Home to the Lewis & Clark Expedition during the winter of 1804-1805.

Fort Ransom - Fort Ransom
Active military post from 1867-1872.

Fort Rice - Fort Rice
Military post established in 1864.

Fort Totten

Fort Totten - Fort Totten
First a military post and then a boarding school.

History and Culture

Learn more about North Dakota's history and culture