Lets Go There

North Dakota welcomes you.

The journey begins the moment you start exploring. Now is the time to be inspired, plan a trip and when it's time for you, we'll be ready.

Travel is one of the world's most valued activities. It reconnects us with loved ones. It inspires memories. It helps us reset priorities. North Dakota is part of the U.S. Travel Association's Let's Go There Coalition, welcoming visitors to travel confidently and responsibly through the state and nation. 

There's adventure to be found in the wide-open, uncrowded spaces of North Dakota. Known for being an affordable, safe and worry-free destination, you can follow your curiosity here and not the crowds. North Dakota must-see national and state parks and recreation areas. Urban hubs offer all the amenities you need without waiting in line.

Whether you're facing the rugged Maah Daah Hey Trail, or a cowboy ribeye, North Dakota is a place that defies expectations. And our industry is working together so we can help when you're ready to go on your next great adventure, safely and securely.