• Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site
  • Horseback Riding
  • Display at State Museum at North Dakota Heritage Center
  • Fort Union
  • Mandan Fourth of July Rodeo
  • Horseback riding in the Badlands
  • Roughrider Days Fair and Expo
  • Buffalo Statue
  • Exterior of State Museum at the North Dakota Heritage Center
  • Cowboy in the Badlands
  • Find your inner Cowboy in North Dakota!
  • International Welcome
  • Rodeo - Feel the dirt in your teeth!

Western Culture

The legends of the American West run through the heart of North Dakota, from Lewis, Clark and Sakakawea to Custer and Sitting Bull. You’ll find wide-open plains, rodeos, powwows and plenty of rich history. A cowboy hat and boots aren’t required, but they won’t look out of place. Click here for more Western Culture in North Dakota.

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