North Dakota Facts

North Dakota amazes with these agriculture, geography and attraction fun facts.

Agriculture Fun Facts

  • North Dakota is the leading producer of sunflowers in the United States.
  • North Dakota produces enough soybeans to make 212 billion crayons each year.
  • North Dakota produces enough sugar beets to sweeten 27 billion gallons of Kool-Aid. 
  • The world's largest french fry feed is held every year in Grand Forks, during Potato Bowl USA. In 2006, a new world record was set with 4,620 pounds of french fries served at the French Fry Frenzy. Around 10,000 people were served and 113 gallons of ketchup were used.
North Dakota Dairy Facts
  • North Dakota is home to 114 dairy farms and 2 plants that process one or more dairy products.
  • North Dakota produces 40 million gallons of milk annually.
  • North Dakota generates $66 million in milk sales annually.

Geography Fun Facts

  • The geographical center of North America is marked in Rugby.
  • Explorers William Clark and Meriwether Lewis and the Corps of Discovery spent more time in what is now North Dakota than any other place on their journey.
  • The International Peace Garden is located on the U.S. and Canadian borders of North Dakota and Manitoba, and is a beautiful symbol of peace and friendship.
  • North Dakota is home to more wildlife refuges than any other state. Wildlife viewing and birding opportunities are abundant.

Albino Buffalo


  • Teddy bears got their name from former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. North Dakota is home to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, known for its scenic beauty and natural wildlife.

Dinosaur Museum


  • One of the world's largest All-Sports store, the Scheels flagship store in Fargo, is 196,000 square feet and has a Ferris wheel inside.

North Dakota Capitol Building 

  • The 19-story state capitol building in Bismarck is one of only four tower-style capitols in the U.S. An observation floor at the top provides a panoramic view of Bismarck and the Missouri River Valley.
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