Global Marketing Update

Great American West

North Dakota Tourism's Global Marketing Program continues promotion and work to support in-state partners across all markets. Now is the time to plan for recovery in international travel.

What is the goal of the program?

The goal of the Global Marketing Program is to motivate travelers from overseas markets to visit North Dakota, spending time and money with local partners. We work in a five-state cooperative, including South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, under the Great American West brand, coordinated by Rocky Mountain International.

Where is the target audience?

Our focus is on operators and media in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Nordic region, France, Italy, the Benelux region and Australia and New Zealand. These markets are interested in the experiences offered here: wide open spaces, beautiful scenery, wildlife, fresh air, authentic western experiences and fresh urban settings.

Where are we now?

During this evolving climate, the Global Marketing Program, along with the Great American West partnership, has paused marketing to reassess. We hold video meetings with overseas offices to better understand each market. Initially, paid social media was halted in lieu of organic posting with inspirational messages. There is demand from overseas markets for travel content and inspiring stories.

What we have learned?

These are the content pieces being requested by our overseas markets:

  • Images with inspiration in mind: Destination photos, scenics, wildlife, dream-worthy images, any images showing natural social distancing.
  • Videos: This is a time where longer videos are seeing a larger viewership. Show your destination or attraction in a way that showcases the new normal of social distancing.
  • Virtual tours: Early on in this crisis, this was an exceptional way to showcase your attraction. Unfortunately, the market has become flooded with museum tours and more. Virtual tours can still be successful if the tour includes places not on the general tour (i.e. behind the scenes), or with an educational, hands-on element.
  • Stories: Written and video stories showcasing the human side of this crisis, or showcasing the new normal of space, hygiene and safety.
  • Educational pieces: Online learning resources such as games, puzzles, quizzes and other activities for kids and families.


Cross-border travel between the U.S. and Canada is currently restricted to essential only, impacting tourism and recreational travel. This suspension has necessitated the pause on our Canada marketing efforts, including digital, social and print campaigns. Those efforts will be re-evaluated once the border is open and it's deemed safe to travel again. Our Canadian neighbors are an important part of North Dakota's travel industry. We look forward to welcoming them again, hopefully soon.