Canola field

Field Finders

Scenery in North Dakota looks a bit different than other places.

While we have the rugged badlands and rolling gorges, views of pristine lakes and rivers and some of the best sunsets in the world - our rolling crop lands provide the patchwork of color than defines our rural landscapes. To help our visitors learn a bit more about these crops not only provide breathtaking views but also feed the world, we are launching our new Field Finders program.  This social media-based effort will allow road-trippers, commuters and agriculture producers to share crops as they germinate, flower and mature toward harvest.  The obvious crops are the yellow fields of canola, flowing flax fields and sunflowers but there are also blooming peas, tall hay fields and row crops that make up our scenery.

Join the fun on social media! Take a picture of a field, share it, note the location and tag #NDFieldFinders to be featured in our crop rotation.

At the peak of the growing season, generally August in North Dakota, vast sunflower fields blanket North Dakota and lift our spirits. Brilliant fields of yellow flowers welcoming the morning sun can be found throughout North Dakota.

Find our Sunflower Fields Map here



AgriTourism - Dig into North Dakota’s agricultural side and spend some time working and playing on our farms and ranches.

Celebrate North Dakota’s food and farm life. Our robust farm and ranch industry spans over 39.2 million acres. North Dakota farm and ranch families are diversifying and developing programs and activities that help consumers connect with the farm and ranch community. You can meet your local farmer or attend farm-to-table events and farmers markets.

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