6 Reasons to Gear Up for March Madness in North Dakota

March not only signals an end to winter in North Dakota, it also brings to a close many of the sports seasons we’ve followed throughout the year. It’s a month-long celebration of athletics and endurance as seasons come to an end, champions are crowned and legends are made. To find more information about events in North Dakota in March, or for a complete list of activities, go to NDtourism.com or call 800-435-5663 or 701-328-2525.

State Class B Girls Basketball
March 5-7

From March Madness to Arts Madness

The overwhelming interest in basketball’s March Madness has led to more than 21 million viewers tuning in for the NCAA championship game, far more than the 2 million that might watch a regular-season game. This excitement also runs the gamut of sports and has Americans ready to watch high-stakes competitions of all kinds this time of year.

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