From March Madness to Arts Madness

The overwhelming interest in basketball’s March Madness has led to more than 21 million viewers tuning in for the NCAA championship game, far more than the 2 million that might watch a regular-season game. This excitement also runs the gamut of sports and has Americans ready to watch high-stakes competitions of all kinds this time of year.

Travelers Can Experience South-Central North Dakota’s Legendary History and Culture

Bismarck, ND -- Who are the road warriors of leisure travel? Those looking to learn something. Cultural and heritage tourism generally refers to people looking to experience stories of the past and present. According to the US Travel Association, these travelers make up more than two-thirds of all leisure travelers, spend more than other leisure travelers and travel more frequently. North Dakota’s south-central region, including our capital city, Bismarck, is full of sites, legends and activities that take travelers back in time to understand and experience history of our land.

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