Falkirk Mine

47.402488, -101.146292

One of Falkirk Mine's 8750 marion draglines. These draglines have a 125 yard bucket that could hold 4 full size pickups, two side by side and two on top of each other.
A caterpillar 993K front end loader loads a kress coal truck. Each coal truck can carry 200 tons of coal, enough to heat the average home for approximately 13 years.
2801 First St. SW,
Underwood ND 58576
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Falkirk is a surface mining operation with some of the largest earth-moving equipment manufactured today. With an annual production of approximately 8 million tons of lignite coal, Falkirk provides fuel to generate low-cost electricity for 2/3 of rural Minnesota. With the help of Falkirk's 400 full-time employees, Falkirk stands as one of the safest mine operations in the coal industry. It is also through sound reclamation and environmental practices that Falkirk is able to return the land to a quality at or above pre-mining condition. In collaboration with power plant engineers, Falkirk continues to be a leader in developing clean, efficient and environmentally friendly coal technologies.

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