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Top walleye lakes you've probably never heard of

Everyone has heard of the well-known fisheries in North Dakota: Devils Lake, Lake Sakakawea, the Missouri River and Lake Oahe. But there are a lot of smaller lakes teeming with walleye but not a lot of anglers. Consider these smaller lakes for an enjoyable day on the water or shore.

antelope lake
Antelope Lake

Antelope Lake is 6.7 miles north, 3 miles east, 1 mile north, 2 miles east, 2 miles south of Anamoose. Some nice-sized perch. Good number of walleye from 13-27 inches. Walleye represented 95% of the species caught in the most recent NDGF survey. Ramp available.   

Big Mallard Marsh

Big Mallard Marsh is 9 miles north, 2.5 miles east of Woodworth. Walleye abundant with average size near 17”. Low pike density. Ramp available.

Braun Lake

Braun Lake is 18 miles south, 1 mile east of Steele. Walleye and small perch abundant. (No ramp).

Cottonwood Lake

Cottonwood Lake is 2.5 miles north of Butte. Decent number of pike and a good number of walleye, with some being larger. Fishing pier and ramp available.

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Lake Coe

Lake Coe is 10 miles south of Warwick on east side of Eddy County Road 8. Good number of walleye, with several size-classes available. Fish longer than 18 inches common. Fair perch numbers, with most less than 8 inches.

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Dorfman Lake

Dorfman Lake is 5 miles north, 2 miles west of Ashley. Walleye abundant, along with a fair number of pike and perch. (No ramp) adjacent to Dry Lake near Ashley that is also an excellent walleye fishery, with a low number of pike and large perch.

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Fresh Lake

Fresh Lake is 15 miles south, 7 miles east, 1 mile south of Dawson. Walleye abundant with an average length over 19”. Pike and perch present. (No ramp) adjacent to Alkaline Lake SE of Dawson, also has abundant walleye averaging 16” with some of the population over 25”.

Angler with walleye
Goose Lake

Goose Lake is 3 miles north, 3 miles east, 1 mile north of Harvey. Fair number of pike, with increasing size structure. Walleye population in fine shape representing 60% of the species surveyed, good numbers of fish longer than 17 inches. Perch numbers are fair, with most about 8 inches.

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Hurdsfield-Tuffy Lake

Hurdsfield-Tuffy Lake is 3.5 miles east of Hurdsfield. Lots of eating-sized walleye ranging from 15-20 inches, with some big fish. Perch numbers are down, with most less than 11 inches.

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Lake Josphine

Lake Josephine is 2 miles north of Tuttle. Walleye abundant, with fish occasionally over 25 inches. Fair number of perch and low number of northern pike. Fishing pier and ramp available.

Mosher WPA

Mosher WPA is 2.5 miles north, 4.5 miles east of Dazey. Walleye abundant representing 100% of the survey catch. (No ramp).

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Schumacher Lake

Schumacher Lake is 7 miles north, 1 mile east, .2 miles northeast of Robinson. Yellow perch and walleye abundant. Walk in access on state land northwest part of lake. (No ramp).

Woodhouse Lake

Woodhouse Lake is 12 miles north, 12 miles east of Wing. Walleye abundant, some up to 28 inches. Fair number of small perch. (No ramp).