Sustainability Wise Words from Mike

Stewardship of North Dakota’s wild spaces and unique cultures is something we care deeply about.

With its vast stretches of pristine landscapes, clear waters, and diverse ecosystems, preserving the natural beauty of North Dakota is paramount. Residents and visitors alike can show their love of the state by prioritizing principals of Leave No Trace like disposing of waste properly, staying on trails, respecting wildlife, and leaving what you find the way you found it. Raising awareness about the importance of conservation and sustainable practices can foster a culture of environmental stewardship. By working together and traveling responsibly, we safeguard historic significance of North Dakota's landscape, people, and wildlife. This ensures future generations can continue to enjoy the state's breathtaking scenery, abundant natural resources, and vibrant local cultures for years to come.

Responsible travelers care about the places they explore shop and dine locally, use local guides, observe regulations and protect the fragile ecosystems that support frontline workers in the tourism industry. Tourism supports local communities and creates economic growth that provides opportunities for small businesses and artisans. By choosing to travel with care in North Dakota, we not only experience the best that the state has to offer, but also allows us to play a vital role in the state’s preservation and prosperity.