Niewoehner Bell Tower

48.368258, -99.997386

213 2nd Ave. S.W.,
Rugby ND 58368
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Dale G. Niewoehner has changed the skyline of Rugby with the construction of a 30-foot tower containing 15 bells.

The two largest bells are 40 inches in diameter and weigh about 1,300 pounds each. There is a 36-inch bell, two 34-inch bells, a 30-inch bell, a 26-inch, and a 24-inch bell. The balance of the bells is in the 16- to 22-inch range. There are about four tons of bells in the steel tower.

The bells have been purchased at auction sales, from private parties, antique shops, and from churches. At this time, the bells are rung with a simple cable on each bell.

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  • Open Year 'Round