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Enchanted Highway ,
I-94, Exit 72,
Regent, ND
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The Enchanted Highway begins at Exit 72 on I-94 near Gladstone and terminates 32 miles down the road in the small town of Regent. Beginning with "Geese in Flight" at Exit 72, large metal sculptures are placed along the county highway, each with parking a area and kiosk except "Geese in Flight," which is viewable from adjacent interstate. Sculptures include "World's Largest Tin Family," "Teddy Rides Again," "Pheasants on the Prairie," "Grasshoppers in the Field," "Deer Crossing" and "Fisherman's Dream." The gift shop in Regent has miniatures of each statue and the Enchanted Castle motel and restaurant offer hot meals and a soft bed. Click here for more on the Enchanted Highway.

The First sculpture "Geese in Flight" is right on Interstate 94 at Exit 72, this would be the beginning of the Enchanted Highway if you are headed south. All the large metal sculptures are placed along the county Highway 21 and each have a parking area and kiosk for travelers to get off the roadway and view the scrap metal art. Sculptures include "Geese in Flight," "Deer Crossing," "Grasshoppers in the Field," "Fisherman's Dream," "Pheasants on the Prairie," "Theodore Roosevelt Rides Again," and "World's Largest Tin Family."

If you look at the distances, there are two sculptures in the first 15 miles headed south and those happen in the first 3 miles. The second half or bottom 15 miles of the highway contain the rest of the sculptures and they are all less than five miles apart. This is why I advise against only doing some of the highway from Interstate 94 because you will miss most of the sculptures.

From I-94 Exit 72

Mile 0 – Geese in Flight

Mile 3 – Deer Crossing

Mile 15 – Grasshoppers in the Field

Mile 19 – Fisherman’s Dream

Mile 24 – Pheasants on the Prairie

Mile 26 – Theodore Roosevelt Rides Again

Mile 30 – World’s Largest Tin Family

Mile 32 – Enchanted Castle Gift Shop (Regent)

Mile 32.5 – Enchanted Castle Hotel, Knight and Dragon Sculpture in progress

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Enchanted Highway

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