Pheasant Hunters

Pheasant Hunting in North Dakota

Hunters from all across America make their way here for the great pheasant hunting.

Flashes of bright red against a sea of brown vegetation or the bright white of fresh fallen snow, the cackle and beating of wings are often the first signs you have come upon a rooster. Your first reaction is to draw a bead when suddenly your dog or hunting buddy flushes a whole flock of birds. Remember, you have three shots. If you strike out, don't worry, you'll get more chances. If you limit out, there's always tomorrow. 

Pheasant hunting in North Dakota draws hunters from all over the country. For 2023, the spring crowing counts were up 30% increasing the odds for a successful and exciting hunt. North Dakota Game and Fish Department has info on all upland game hunting. Make plans now to get into the field this fall.

2023 crow count map

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North Dakota's hunting is some of the best in the nation. See how any day around here holds the possibility to be legendary.