Davis Ranch

47.359703, -100.24626

Blazing Star at Davis Ranch
Dotted Blazing Star at Davis Ranch
Rough Blazing Star at Davis Ranch
499 14th Ave SE,
Goodrich ND 58444
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Davis Ranch is one of the largest prairie landscapes in the Missouri Coteau. It is a mosaic of high-quality northern mixed-grass prairie studded with fresh, alkaline, ephemeral and permanent wetlands. The impact of human activities has been very light in this place, with even surrounding agricultural areas having a low human population density. More than any other Conservancy preserve in North Dakota, Davis Ranch retains the "feel" and scale of the native prairie.

Davis Ranch is part of the "prairie pothole" region, an area renowned for its production of waterfowl. In fact, the Davis Ranch area includes some of the best waterfowl breeding habitat in the prairie pothole region. Besides waterfowl, Davis Ranch also is home to a high diversity of other birds, including a number of uncommon prairie species like Sprague's pipit, Baird's sparrow, grasshopper sparrow, chestnut collared longspur, black tern, ferruginous hawk, Swainson's hawk, upland plover, willet and marbled godwits.

There are no facilities at the preserve and it is located in an isolated location. Bring everything you will need including adequate water and other supplies. The nearest facilities and supplies are in McClusky or Goodrich, some 18 miles away.

The entire preserve is leased to local neighbors for cattle grazing. Please leave all gates as you find them and take care to avoid damaging fences.

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