Klefstad Memorial Swimming Pool

46.107742, -97.636486

Forman ND 58032
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Since Klefstad Memorial Swimming Pool opened in 1983, it has developed into one of the most used recreational facilities in Forman, Rutland, Havana, Cogswell, Brampton and Cayuga. Klefstad Memorial Pool has developed and implemented numerous instructional programs and a rental program for swimmers in the area.

The Klefstad Memorial Pool managers have been able to maintain well qualified lifeguards for the pool users safety. A lifeguard must have life guard training, first aid and CPR certification to be employed by Klefstad Memorial Pool.

The Klefstad Memorial Pool's swimming program provides instruction from preschool through level 6 of the American Red Cross Guidelines. Lifeguard training is also available.

In addition to the quality of instruction at Klefstad Memorial Pool, the pool also meets the rigid State Health Department requirements. Pool waters are tested several times a day for chemical levels and samples are sent to the state lab based on their requirements.

Klefstad Memorial Pool's instructional and rental program is geared to maximum use. The pool is available for rent when it is not being used for open swim or for lessons.

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