Killdeer byway

North Dakota Scenic Byways and Backways - And More

Open roads. pristine green, red and golden backdrops, wildlife, waterways in their most natural environments and one-of-a-kind cultural and historic attractions are all found along North Dakota’s Scenic Byways and Backways

Visitors are encouraged to get out and explore the wonders that beckon from each route. By car, motorcycle or even bike, these designated pathways are your key to the state’s best vistas and experiences.  Byways are paved surfaces while backways are generally gravel and dirt roads.

chan san san backway
Chan SanSan Scenic Backway

When travelers descend the backway into the valley, they see the panoramic view of a winding river surrounded by tall grass prairie and wildflowers. This area is rich in Native American history, earthen mounds, early settlements and scenic beauty.

des lacs backway
Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge Scenic Backway

The most striking experience is wildlife viewing opportunities at the wildlife refuge. More than 250 bird species have been seen here, including waterfowl, raptors and many other migratory birds.

killdeer mountains byway
Killdeer Mountain Four Bears Scenic Byway

From the rugged Killdeer Mountains to the deeply entrenched Little Missouri River breaks and Badlands, this byway provides an enchanting and unique landscape in one of the most scenic areas of western North Dakota.

sakakawea byway
Sakakawea Scenic Byway

Follow the course of Lewis and Clark's journey on the high ground above the winding Missouri River and discover the history and culture of the people who lived in the wooded valleys of the Missouri and Knife rivers.

Salem Sue on Old 10
Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway

Originally referred to as the Red Trail that became Old Highway 10, this byway provides ample opportunity to explore how life was many years ago for those settling in North Dakota.

Pembina Gorge overlook
Rendezvous Region Backway

Winding along the bends of the Pembina River, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Pembina Gorge, along with the year-round recreation opportunities of the area.

sheyenne valley byway
Sheyenne River Valley National Scenic Byway

In addition to nature and scenery at its best, archaeology, history, culture and recreation options are found along the byway, North Dakota’s first nationally recognized scenic byway.

standing rock byway
Standing Rock National Native American Scenic Byway

History comes alive on a journey along the Missouri River, to an area where Lakota chief Sitting Bull lived and died. Lewis and Clark stopped 14 times along the route and famous mountain men like Jim Bridger and Jedediah Smith passed through.

Little Missouri River at North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota
Theodore Roosevelt National Park - North Unit

This byway provides the colorful North Dakota Badlands as a scenic backdrop, with its sweeping vistas of one of the last remnants of wilderness on the Northern Great Plains.

Turtle Mtn
Turtle Mountain Byway

This byway begins its ascent winding through the serene beauty of the Turtle Mountains, passing farmsteads, pasture land, recreational areas, beautiful lakes and tree-covered wildlife areas before descending into the foothills 

south unit loop
Theodore Roosevelt National Park - South Unit

The best way to get up close and personal with wildlife and the landscape of the South Unit is to ride the 32-mile scenic loop within the park. The route leads to many geographic sites and overlooks. Motorists often encounter bison near the road.

enchanted highway
Enchanted Highway

Metal sculptures, including “World’s Largest Tin Family,” “Teddy Rides Again,” “Pheasants on the Prairie,” “Grasshoppers in the Field,” “Geese in Flight,” “Deer Crossing” and “Fisherman’s Dream” dot the highway.

Devil lake loop
Devils Lake Loop

From the small-town charm of Devils Lake, a ride around the massive lake includes scenery unlike any other in North Dakota. High, wooded hills contain Sullys Hill National Game Preserve, Spirit Lake Casino and Fort Totten State Historic Site. And, of course, vast Devils Lake is almost always over your shoulder.

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