North Dakota has a Waterfall?

Sure does and we are proud of it! North Dakota's only registered waterfall is breathtaking Mineral Springs Waterfall in Sheyenne State Forest. It has been one of the best kept secrets among adventure seekers that are from or have come to North Dakota. It is one of the sacred attractions of the state and a great hiking adventure for all! There is a marked trail that will lead you to the hidden treasure, but along the way, keep your eyes open for some great wildlife. It comes from an underground spring that drops 8 feet and runs into the Sheyenne River. 

The Mineral Springs Falls is located about 10 miles west of Lisbon.

1 mile southeast of Fort Ransom, ND along Valley Road to get to trailhead parking.  Roughly 2.2 mile scenic hike to get to waterfall. 

Here is a map of the trail to the waterfall:

Here is a link for the Sheyenne River State Forest which has the waterfall:

If you would like detailed directions to the falls, contact the Sheyenne River Valley National Scenic Byway at 701-845-2251.

Looking for some more hidden North Dakota Trail secrets, ND native Scott Kudelka wrote and published a terrific book called "North Dakota's Best Hiking Trails." There are some fresh ideas, as well as some great favorites that are not to be missed when hiking or biking. 

Waterfall on the North Country Scenic Trail near Fort Ransom