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Absolute's hunting grounds outside of Bismarck, N.D., number close to 3,000 acres. This is leased private land we have all to ourselves, located about halfway between the self-declared "Pheasant capital of the Nation," northwest of us in Mott, and the return-fire "Pheasant Capital of North Dakota" southwest of us in Ellensburg. That puts us smack dab in the middle of a heck of a lot of pheasants AND a pile of civic booster b.s.! Since we're humble and not given to boastful hyperbole like those other guys, we term our ground "The Pheasant Heartland of North America" ... "The Heartland." We're just more comfortable with the personal nature of the thing. We trust you will be, too. So if you're up for a genuine hunt, with Fourth of July flushes against crisp autumn skies, you're in good company.

While most of the talk here is of pheasants, a couple of us at Absolute have a hard time deciding what we love more, upland hunting or waterfowling. So we do both, often on the same day. For you waterfowlers considering an Absolute hunt, we can pursue pretty much anything with webbed feet; divers, puddle ducks, big and little Canadas, specs, snows and sandhill cranes even. We've got them all at one time or the other during our season. For those so inclined, we'll hunt waterfowl in the morning and upland birds in the afternoon. It can make for a long day but you'll get your money's worth! Let us know your preferences and depending when during the season you book with us we'll let you know what you can reasonably expect waterfowl-wise. We've got the blinds, the decoy rigs and all the rest. All you need is your gun, your waders and a current state license and federal migratory bird stamp. Whatever your taste in bird hunting, and whatever your skill level, our goal is to give you a genuine North Dakota experience and the best hunt possible. For us, bird hunting is personal. It's what we do and have always done. It's more than a lifestyle, it's our way of life here in North Dakota AND it's our secret. Come hunt with us. We look forward to letting you in on both.

We can accommodate groups of up to 10 hunters. We'll hunt as hard or as easy as suits the individuals, behind world-class Springers and Cockers; another joy to behold if you've never experienced these fine dogs. Or bring your own four-legged huntin' buddy.

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Absolute Gun Dogs

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