Gateway to IPG


Dunseith was platted in 1882. The town is named for Jeannette Dunseith Eaton, who was the mother of the town's founder William Eaton. A post office has been in operation in Dunseith since 1884. The city was incorporated in 1908.

Dùnsìth is a Gaelic word meaning "City of Peace," from dùn (English: fortress) and sìth (English: peace). It is fitting that Dunseith is the Gateway to the International Peace Gardens located just 14 miles North.

Visit the stunning International Peace Garden with 2,300 acres of nature’s beauty, freshwater lakes, scenic hiking and driving trails, wildflowers, and wildlife.

Enjoy a round of golf, check out the massive W'eel Turtle sculpture, and relax in the nearby campgrounds.

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