Sully Creek State Park

5 Things to do at Sully Creek State Park

Sully Creek is the perfect spot for visitors seeking adventure. In the early spring, canoeing and kayaking is popular on the Little Missouri River, North Dakota's only State Scenic River. Horseback riding, hiking and biking are also popular activities on the Maah Daah Hey Trail.

Horseback Riding

Sully Creek State Park is one of North Dakota's designated horse parks, set up with 66 corrals and additional amenities to accommodate equestrian users. Ride the Badlands.


 In the early spring, canoeing and kayaking the Little Missouri River is a popular activity.  Traversing the 274-mile-long Little Missouri River offers a unique perspective of the Badlands.


Horseback riding, hiking and biking are popular activities on the 144-mile Maah Daah Hey Trail, accessible from the park.

Golf Bully Pulpit

Tee it up in one of the more picturesque golf courses in the country. Bully Pulpit is carved into the Badlands near Medora.