Agritourism growing in North Dakota

Agritourism takes on new meaning as state offerings change

Agritourism is the practice of inviting guests to visit and/or participate in normal farm or ranch activities. Farms and ranches participating in agritourism activities are most often working farms and ranches, and tourism activity is a secondary income for the family. Agritourism activities usually are not designed for large groups of guests, but some are, such as pumpkin patches, orchards, farm festivals and corn mazes. Agritourism generally is viewed as small-scale, low-impact and, in most cases, education-focused.

Agritourism includes camping, biking, hiking, bed and breakfasts, fresh pick-your-own vegetables and fruits, rental cabins, fee hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities such as nature photography and bird-watching. The list is limited only by the operator's imagination. Click here for more about agritourism in North Dakota.



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