• Custer House
  • Fort Union
  • New Town Earthlodge Village
  • Standing Rock State Historic Site
  • Fort Lincoln Trolley
  • Cowboy Hall of Fame display
  • Governor's Photo Contest Honorable Mention (2012) - School House Teaching
  • November 33 Missile Silo
  • Scandinavian Heritage Park
  • Norsk Høstfest
  • International Welcome
  • North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum
  • Fort Mandan

History & Culture

From Jurassic to pioneer days, North Dakota is home to a variety of history and culture. Dig for dinosaur bones, walk in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, learn about Native American traditions or see the struggles of early settlers. Becoming legendary doesn’t happen overnight. Here’s our story. Click here for more Historical and Cultural attractions and activities in  North Dakota.

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