Fishing Changes with the Seasons in North Dakota

A never-ending fishing season offers ever-changing rewards

As spring gives way to summer, fishing techniques and locations change some, but the fish keep on biting. As Lake Sakakawea warms, the bite works its way southeast toward Garrison Dam. As long as inflows out of Montana into the big lake remain high, fishing will continue to be excellent.

Likewise on the Missouri River, which is running strong due to high releases from Garrison Dam. Higher river levels along the river through central North Dakota into Lake Oahe should result in good fishing all along the river.

Anglers have been pulling walleye out of our rivers for weeks. Walleye is the king - the fish of choice - in North Dakota and can be found almost anywhere. But Lake Sakakawea is also prime for northern pike and salmon and trout.

Devils Lake is brimming with perch, bass, walleye and pike. The perch bite picks up in late summer as the fish are found in shallower waters.

For those seeking unique challenges, try fly fishing smaller streams or hauling in whopper catfish from the Red River in the east. 

Whatever your choice of fight, North Dakota has the battle for you, whether you're long-lining on the big lake or casting crankbaits from a lake shore. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has all the information you need to get started. Click here for some of the state's most proven fishing spots.

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