Canadian Travel Information

Passport Information

The new passport card is in production. The passport card facilitates entry and expedites document processing at U.S. land and sea ports-of-entry when arriving from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda. The card may not be used to travel by air. Click here for complete information.

For the Canadian Traveler

Q: Are purchases made by Canadian residents exempt from North Dakota sales tax?

A: Purchases made by Canadian residents are not exempt from North Dakota sales tax. Canadian residents shopping in North Dakota must pay the tax at the time of purchase. Canadian residents may obtain a refund of the sales tax paid on qualifying purchases. Goods consumed in North Dakota, including motel rooms, restaurant meals, etc. are not eligible for refund.

Qualifying purchases include goods purchased to be removed from North Dakota for use exclusively outside the state, taxable purchases are $25 or more per receipt and the refund request is $15 or more.

To obtain a refund on qualifying purchases, the Canadian resident must complete the Canadian Residents Request for Sales Tax Refund Form and mail it to the Tax Commissioner along with the original sales receipts.

Q: Are you able to make purchases even if you don't plan on staying overnight in the U.S.?

A: Yes you are allowed to make purchases, however you are subject to  duty fees. If you choose to stay overnight in the U.S., the following rules apply:

  • 24 hrs, there is a CAN$50 duty and tax free exemption (if you spend more than CAN$50, you cannot claim this exemption)
  • 48 hrs, there is a CAN$400 duty and tax free exemption
  • 7-days, there is a CAN$750/per person duty and tax free exemption

There may be some exceptions to the rules. More about this can be found at:

Ports of Entry Information: For the latest updates on Ports of Entry into North Dakota including schedules, locations, and staffing, please visit US Customs and Border Protection ND page.

International Peace Garden Travel for US Citizens

The International Peace Garden does have a waiver on the passport regulations. Visitors are invited to tour the attraction without needing passports and/or approved travel documents. Documentation of birth and residency are required - a certified copy of birth certificate and approved state identification.

Family Travel to the International Peace Garden

When traveling with children, you will want everything to go smoothly. While you can pick up items that you forgot to pack, if you forget vital papers, you may experience delays and increased scrutiny. These travel tips for family members in the United States will ensure that you have the documents you need to avoid any difficulty when traveling with children.

Click here for complete details.

Click here for a printable Child Travel Consent Form.