Hunting pheasants near Regent
Hunting pheasants near Regent

Fall Hunting in North Dakota

Hunters and birders alike take to the field in the fall.

There’s more than one way to hunt in North Dakota in October and November: the more traditional way with a shotgun or rifle, and the less-traditional way with binoculars.

Waterfowlers and upland game hunters are in the field now and will be until their seasons end in early December to early January. Bird counts vary by location, meaning upland hunters may have to work (or let their dogs work) to get that pheasant, grouse or partridge, but the birds are out there. North Dakota’s location along the Central Flyway means vast flocks of migratory birds will be making their way across the middle of the state, making it a special time not only for goose and duck hunters but for birding enthusiasts, as well.

Those who choose to hunt with field glasses instead of weapons might find these dwindling fall days the last chance to see some of the colorful songbirds in the area until next spring.

Finally, in early November, hunters put down their shotguns and take up their rifles as deer season gets under way. Deer hunting is a traditional rite of passage for young hunting enthusiasts in North Dakota.

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has comprehensive details regarding big game, upland game, waterfowl, furbearers, other migratory birds, and more.

You can also find information on public (PLOTS) land.

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