Travel and Tourism Week Celebrates “Travel Matters”

The travel industry contributes $2.5 trillion to the U.S. economy and one in every nine American jobs depends on the industry. The impact of this is significant right here in North Dakota with travel spending and economic impact in all 53 counties.

In recognition of the travel industry’s significant contributions to our state, Gov. Doug Burgum has declared May 5-11 “North Dakota Travel and Tourism Week.”

“Tourism plays a significant role in growing our economy, generating revenue for thousands of tourism-based businesses and helping to attract and retain a 21st century workforce,” Burgum said. “By declaring this North Dakota Travel and Tourism Week, we express our gratitude for the excellent work done by our tourism partners and extend a warm welcome to the millions of new and returning visitors who choose North Dakota as their destination.”

North Dakota Travel and Tourism Week is held in conjunction with the U.S. Travel Association’s National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW), an annual salute to the tourism and travel industry. Celebrating 36 years, the theme of this year’s NTTW, “Travel Matters,” highlights the innumerable ways in which travel makes up the fabric of North Dakota’s culture and economy. Each day of NTTW will celebrate a different facet of travel: the economy, new experiences, jobs, infrastructure, health benefits, hometown pride and how travel strengthens families. The ND Travel Matters series features North Dakotans whose services to visitors illustrate why Travel Matters in North Dakota.

“North Dakota’s travel industry continues to be a consistent contributor to our state’s economy,” North Dakota Tourism Division Director Sara Otte Coleman said. “22 million people visited North Dakota spending $3.1 billion dollars through a variety of experiences. From the Badlands and parks, to historic sites and urban amenities, there are enticing reasons to travel in and around North Dakota.”

The Impact of Travel and Tourism in North Dakota:

  • Tourism is North Dakota’s third-largest industry and vital to our diversified economy. (NDSU)
  • 22 million people visited North Dakota in 2015. (Tourism Economics)
  • North Dakota travel generated $327 million in taxes, offsetting an equivalent of $1,092 per household. (Tourism Economics)
  • Visitor spending totaled $3.1 billion in 2015. The majority of expenditures, 68 percent, were by visitors from other U.S. states. International travelers made up 9 percent of the total, and in-state residents traveling to other parts of North Dakota accounted for 23 percent of spending. (Tourism Economics)
  • In 2016, every $1 invested in tourism advertising for North Dakota generated $104 in visitor spending. (SMARI)
  • Canadian travelers are important to North Dakota. In 2018, 584,855 passenger vehicles entered North Dakota from Canadian provinces.
  • Tourism is North Dakota’s fifth-largest employer supporting 42,614 jobs. (Tourism Economics)
  • Approximately $1.3 billion in wages and salaries were sustained through visitor spending in North Dakota. (Tourism Economics)

Travel is one of America’s largest industries
Source: U.S. Travel Association

  • Travel is a $2.5 trillion industry in the U.S.
  • These visitors support 15.7 million American jobs – roughly 8.9 million direct travel jobs, and 6.8 million indirect and induced jobs.
  • Travel-related spending generated $171 billion in federal, state and local tax revenue in 2018.