National Plan for Vacation Day is January 29

Every year, more than half of North Dakotans (61 percent) fail to use all their time off, creating a stockpile of nearly 3 million unused vacation days.

“National Plan for Vacation Day is an opportunity for Americans and for America. And who better than the travel industry to help plan the perfect vacation?” said Roger Dow, President and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association. “America offers something for everyone, whether you prefer a sunny day at the beach or a snowball fight in the mountains. We encourage every American to plan their time off to explore our great country.”

The most effective remedy for workers who want to use more vacation days is better planning. Yet just over half (52 percent) of households set aside time to plan the use of vacation time each year.

“North Dakota is celebrating National Plan for Vacation Day by encouraging people to take their well-deserved time off,” said North Dakota Tourism Director Sara Otte Coleman. “Join us LIVE on Instagram where we will share some legendary trip ideas to help plan your vacation to North Dakota.”

Outdoors North Dakota will be chatting from 2 to 3 p.m., followed by North Dakota Legendary from 3 to 4 p.m.   

Research shows that planners have a distinct advantage over non-planners. They use more of their time, take longer vacations and are happier.

Fifty-three percent of planners took all their vacation time versus 43 percent of non-planners. Planners are also more likely than non-planners to use all or most of their time off to travel (33 to 18 percent).

More planners report they are “very” or “extremely” happy with their personal relationships (81 vs. 68 percent), health and well-being (56 vs. 43 percent), company (57 vs. 50 percent), and job (56 vs. 48 percent) compared to non-planners.

Don't let vacation days go unused. Start planning your trip to North Dakota today.