North Dakota Tourism Media Plan

Thank you for your commitment to working together to market North Dakota. The 2019 marketing plan remains true to our mission: Bring revenue to the state by expanding awareness and image and motivating trips. The core brand strategy is grounded in showcasing North Dakota's beautiful scenery, exciting urban areas, rich culture and family-friendly adventures.

The annual media plan includes information on our program areas and the partnership opportunities offered to our stakeholders. If you would like a copy of the 2019 Media Plan, please contact Heather LeMoine, Marketing and Research Manager at [email protected] or 701-328-5372.

Cooperative Advertising
North Dakota Tourism offers a cooperative advertising program to the industry with the goal of building brand awareness of the state while driving traffic to participating partners. By combining efforts, our advertising dollars go farther and we produce a greater impact. Hundreds of opportunities have been analyzed and and the cooperative options in the plan are recommended based on price, geographic reach, target audiences and niche opportunities to ensure a value for the investment. The cooperative advertising reservation form is required to reserve space in North Dakota Tourism co-op options. Completed forms can be sent to Heather LeMoine, Marketing and Research Manager at [email protected].