North Dakota Tourism Facts and Reports

The North Dakota Tourism Division uses research to strategically analyze visitor activity, interest, market share, target markets, advertising effectiveness (ROI) and more. Internal efforts are complemented by national and international research provided by the U.S. Travel Association and contracted vendors.

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Fact Sheets

At-A-Glance facts on North Dakota's visitation are available on:  

2020 Image and Halo Study

The latest image research identifies what motivates travelers to choose North Dakota, the strengths and weaknesses of the state as a travel destination and the overall awareness of the state and its advertising. The new, Longwood's pioneered Halo Effect research, further measures the impact that tourism marketing and visitation has on major economic development objectives. This research shows that tourism advertising not only attracts visitors and their money, it also creates major lift on the destination's image for economic development. Click here for the 2020 report.


2020 Annual Report

See how the tourism industry North Dakota fared in 2020. Click here for the 2020 Annual Report


TSA: Economic Impact of Tourism

A Tourism Satellite Account is a detailed measure of tourism's economic impact in North Dakota. Data sources include visitor volume and expenditures from Longwoods International, employment and wages from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, supporting data from the U.S. Census, Smith Travel Research, the North Dakota Office of the Tax Commissioner, North Dakota Game and Fish, National Park Service, National Travel and Tourism Organization, Statistics Canada and more. It reports as visitor spending only visitors who travel 50-miles or further to their destination and/or have an overnight stay. (Researcher: Tourism Economics) Click here for the report.


ROI: Advertising Effectiveness

This research shows the return on investment North Dakota received from Tourism advertising in 2016, 2014 and 2012. Click here for the 2016 report.



North Dakota Tourism partnered with Strategic Marketing & Research, Inc. (SMARI) to provide awareness of who visits, including basic information relative to visitor demographics, their origin, and extensive details surrounding their visitation.  The report also identifies the visitor segments and know how to match the state’s diverse product to these various groups. Click here for the complete report.


Visitor Trends

North Dakota Tourism tracks visitors and spending trends and reports finding to its partners in several ways, including quarterly visitation statistics and annual report. Click here for the dashboards page. If you are a partner who would like to participate in our statistics program, or would like more information, please contact Tricia Miller


National Park Economic Impact Summary

A new National Park Service (NPS) report shows that visitors to Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site, Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site and Theodore Roosevelt National Park in 2019 spent $46 million in communities near these parks. That spending supported 586 jobs in the surrounding areas. 

The parks welcome visitors from across the country and around the world. Click here for the 2019 summary.


North Dakota's Economic Base

Since 1990, researchers at North Dakota State University have been tracking the six primary industries which bring revenue into the state. This document provides the most current estimates of North Dakota's economic base. For the Tourism industry, it reflects all expenditures by out-of-state visitors, which reached $5.4 billion in 2016. Click here for the complete report.