North Dakota Marketing and Media Resources

The tourism industry is always evolving. North Dakota Tourism keeps its partners informed through a variety of means, including marketing statistics and an annual media plan. North Dakota Tourism encourages partners to use the Be Legendary logo. For more information and to obtain permission and guidelines, contact North Dakota Tourism at  701-328-2525.



Contact Duane Crabbe, advertising manager for North Dakota Living to place your ad!  By email: [email protected] or phone at 701-667-6436.  

Social Media Resources

Looking for ways to get into social media or enhance what you've already created?  Click here to engage new fans and followers.

2021 Cooperative Marketing Programs

North Dakota Tourism's cooperative marketing programs provide resources, distribution vehicles, training, partnership and much more. By combining efforts, our advertising dollars and promotion of Travel North Dakota goes further. Click here to view the program.

Claim Your Google Listing

Today, having an online presence is essential for people to find information and the location of your services and destinations. As a business owner or community leader, you need to extend your reach when it comes to visibility and findability. Location, signage, print advertising, etc. are all important things to consider, but an online presence is key. Luckily, that presence is made easy through claiming your Google Maps listing. Click here for complete details.

Additional Links

Use these links to access North Dakota Department of Transportation information on signage.

TSAC (Recreational, Tourist & Historical Signing Guidelines)

Signing requests for recreational, tourist and historical features are to be by application to NDDOT's Tourism Signage Advisory Committee. The TSAC will determine funding based on classification: 1) National importance, 100 percent funding by NDDOT; 2) Statewide importance, 50 percent funding by NDDOT, 50 percent local funding; 3) Local importance, 100 percent local funding. Contact the Signing Manager at 701-328-2546 for more information. Additional contact information: Fred Walker, North Dakota Tourism, 701-328-3502.

TODS (Tourist Orientated Directional Sign) 

TODS are signs that provide identification of and directional information for tourist-related businesses, services and activities. They are defined as rural agricultural business and tourism attractions, including recreation, historical sites, festival and cultural events, lodging and food services which are singularly and uniquely related to historical, cultural or recreational tourist attractions. Signs are funded 100 percent by the requester. Requests are by application. Contact the Signing Manager at 701-328-2546 for signage programs. Additional contact information: Fred Walker, North Dakota Tourism, 701-328-3502.

Roadside Advertising

What does state law say? Click the link to review the state laws for roadside advertising.

Marketing Stats

North Dakota Tourism tracks visitors and spending trends and reports finding to its partners in several ways, including quarterly visitation statistics and annual report. If you would like to participate in our statistics program, or would like more information, please contact Heather LeMoine at 701-328-5372. 

Public and Media Relations

Our public relations strategy strives to enhance the image of North Dakota as a legendary travel destination and we incorporate a number of tools, including a robust content calendar, that aligns our messaging with our marketing efforts. We also track our results through monthly status and campaign recap reports. If you would like more information on our public relations planning or media outreach, please contact Kim Schmidt at 701-328-2532.