Fargo Brewing Company

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Fargo Brewing Company ,
610 University Dr N,
Fargo, ND
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Since its founding in 2010, Fargo Brewing has been on a mission to bring our community together through the art of craft beer. We understand that you are more than just beer enthusiasts; you are the heart and soul of Fargo, and we are here to celebrate you and all guests.

As locals ourselves, we share your love of classic beer and celebrate the uniqueness of our city. That's why we put our heart into every batch, meticulously crafting beers that resonate with your diverse tastes. Whether you're a hop-head seeking bold flavors or a newcomer eager to explore approachable styles, we have specifically for you.

Beyond the brews, we believe in fostering meaningful connections. Our taproom is a space where friends are made, laughter is shared, and ideas are born. We take pride in collaborating with local artists and musicians, creating space that's not just about beer, but about experiencing the vibrant culture of Fargo.

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Fargo Brewing Company

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