Art Exhibit: Gas Bubble in Eye

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January 23rd, 2020 - March 7th, 2020

"Gas Bubble in Eye" by ROXI MATHIS January 23-March 7, 2020, at The Arts Center.

The Arts Center Gallery is open Weekdays: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturdays: 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Admission is always free.

Roxi Mathis is a watercolor artist living and working in Minot. Her current work is based on the experiences she had during three eye surgeries and the recovery that followed. Dealing with a detached retina caused light distortions and patterns in her vision, so she combined these manifestations with real and imagined inspiration. In discussing her art she says, "I like to work in detail with a lot of color and bold contrast, forming loose patterns based on the visual anomalies that I see. While much of my work includes North Dakota scenery, I also work with figurative elements. I try to tell stories that lead the viewer to find their own narrative in the work."

Her work pairs real world subject matter like landscapes, animals and figures with the unreal visual anomalies that she experienced after having her multiple eye surgeries. The resulting artwork is a juxtaposition of soft watercolor landscapes, many of badlands-like buttes, with hard-edged, mostly abstract ink drawings. While each style isn't unusual alone, the combination of the two makes Mathis' work unusual and compelling–it challenges the norm.  The ink drawings seemingly have no relationship to the landscapes, however the more one looks, narratives begin to emerge. Someone might see Native American dancers, gateways to alternative universes, microscopic minerals, birds in flight and severe storms.  Each piece could be an illustration for a story and not surprisingly Mathis has combined her graphic work and artwork to create several illustrated books.  You can find examples of her work at

Meet the Artist Lunch is Feb. 12 at noon at The Arts Center. Please RSVP by Feb. 10 if you would like to enjoy the lunch. Cost $5.

BiographyI grew up on a ranch in the Badlands of North Dakota. As such, my art is influenced a lot by the nature that I have spent my life in. I often have dreams that include seeing colors that don't exist in waking life and in my watercolor-esque style of painting, I try to capture them. I attended college in Minot, ND, majoring in graphic design, which I do both professionally and freelance. I have a passion for typography, which I design, mostly for the fun of it. I am a painter who works in both watercolor and acrylic.  I am available for commission work of all kinds, including paintings, illustrations, graphic design, typography, etc.


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DogTooth Buttes Arrangement II by Roxi Mathis
DogTooth Buttes Arrangement II by Roxi Mathis
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