Uniquely North Dakota Cycling Experiences in 2019

North Dakota’s wonderfully diverse terrain and access to endless rural roads and trails makes it an ideal biking destination. Enthusiasm for recreational cycling is increasing in the United States and the number of riders grow from 43 million to 47.5 million from 2014 to 2017 (www.statista.com/topics/1686/cycling). The sport includes more than one way of pedaling: Road riding, gravel road riding and mountain biking are unique experiences on two wheels. North Dakota offers biking enthusiasts considerably mixed terrain, and with 16 hours of daylight in summer months, cyclists can maximize their time in the saddle.

Join fellow road bikers as they participate in the CaNDak (formerly known as CANDISC) (https://candak.net) seven-day road ride, a route of approximately 400 miles across North Dakota’s northern border. Bike the Border Bicycle Tour (https://biketheborder.com) is another road cycling event set on the state’s northern boundary. The events are for all levels of riders and moves at a leisurely pace.

Gravel road riding on North Dakota’s backroads is an experience unlike any other. Getting off the beaten path is not only a safer means of cycling, it’s also exposure to unspoiled countryside and its plentiful wildlife. Trace the backroads of Burleigh County during the Burleigh County Cup (www.burleighcountybicyclecult.com) or explore gravel roads in the east with the Extreme North Dakota Racing club (www.endracing.com).

The varied topography of this prairie state affords mountain bikers a range of thrilling and technical riding options. Bismarck has a healthy bike culture and the local club hosts multiple races throughout the year (www.burleighcountybicyclecult.com). Visit the Maah Daah Hey Trail (http://mdhta.com/), a trail system comprised of nine different trails bisecting a portion of western North Dakota’s breathtaking Badlands and providing the perfect landscape for challenging races like the Maah Daah Hey 100 (www.experienceland.org/maah-daah-hey-100/). In the east, pedal single-track through rolling hills of the Turtle Mountains or wind through the prairie in Turtle River State Park or at Sheyenne National Grasslands.