North Dakota Tourism Week celebrates travel’s positive effects on economy, communities and lives

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Annual celebration kicks off video promotion showcasing state’s legendary things to see and do
Bismarck, N.D. – The travel and tourism industry is good for the economy. It fuels jobs, drives spending and has a major impact on the economy of destinations like North Dakota. In addition, studies by the U.S. Travel Association showcase the importance of travel for relationships and businesses. 
May 4-12 is the 30th annual National Travel and Tourism Week, and this year’s theme, “Travel Effects,” showcases the powerful benefits travel has on our lives, businesses and economy.
To kick off travel season in North Dakota, Gov. Jack Dalrymple has declared this week “North Dakota Tourism Week.”
“Tourism is one of North Dakota’s leading industries and an important part of our growing economy,” Dalrymple said. “Tourism Week is a great opportunity to recognize the state’s travel and tourism industry for its important contributions and to showcase North Dakota’s legendary attractions, destinations and events for visitors and residents alike.”
“Travel is good for the economy and the soul,” said North Dakota Department of Commerce Tourism Division Director Sara Otte Coleman. “All North Dakota communities — large and small — benefit from tourism. It supports businesses and puts people to work. Specifically, one out of 12 jobs in the state is tied to tourism. Furthermore, travel is a time when people break away from the stress of their daily lives and reconnect with their families and create life-long memories.”
North Dakota Tourism’s Legendary advertising campaign, now in its 11th year, continues to be successful. According to recent research conducted by Longwoods International, each dollar spent in paid media in 2012 brought in $119 in visitor spending. 
Video series kicks off during North Dakota Tourism Week
North Dakota Tourism Week is the launching point for an ongoing video series by North Dakota Tourism that will promote the state’s legendary things to see and do. Gov. Jack and First Lady Betsy Dalrymple set the series in motion by appearing in the first video, debuting Saturday, May 4, on the Travel North Dakota Facebook page.
In the video, the First Couple challenges Facebook fans to test their knowledge of North Dakota’s great places featured in the video. Participants are asked to post their answers on the Travel North Dakota Facebook page for a chance to win Legendary gear. The names of the destinations and attractions, and the winners will be revealed Friday, May 10.
Facts about North Dakota’s Tourism Industry:

  • Travel and tourism is a $4.8 billion industry in North Dakota. (NDSU)
  • North Dakota’s tourism industry continues to lead the nation in growth and is growing faster than the national average. (U.S. Travel Association)
  • 17.2 million people visited North Dakota in 2011. (IHS)
  • North Dakota travel generated $571 million in taxes. (IHS)
  • Without tourism, each North Dakota household would pay an additional $943 in taxes. (IHS)
  • Advertising North Dakota is a 1:9 return to the state’s tax base. (Longwoods)
  • One out of every 12 North Dakota workers owes their job to tourism. (IHS)
  • Leisure travel continues to be the largest travel segment. (IHS)
  • 60% of visitors are non-resident travelers. (IHS)
  • Approximately $943 million in wages and salaries are generated through North Dakota tourism. (IHS)  


Family vacations: worth every penny
Source: U.S. Travel Association’s Family Vacation Survey

  • Roughly nine out of 10 kids polled for this survey report that some of their best memories are from family vacations.
  • More than three-fourths say that their family talks about what they did on vacation all year.
  • More than 90 percent say that memorable things happen on vacations.
  • Going on a family vacation, kids say, ranks higher than all other activities in their minds. More than 90 percent of kids ages 8-18 see family travel as a chance to spend quality time with their parents. 
  • Three-quarters (75 percent) of parents believe that family vacations are worth the time and money because they “give my child experiences that they will remember years down the road.”
  • Half of parents believe family vacations are worth the investment because “vacations are the highlight of everyone’s year” and nearly seven in 10 parents say “it’s enjoyable to remember this time together when I get busy with daily life.”
  • With busy family schedules crammed full of activities, a solid majority of parents (53 percent) reported that “family vacations are one of the few things that families do together.” 
  • Vacationers older than 55 agreed that they still have vivid memories of childhood vacations.


To see a calendar of events and learn about all there is to experience in North Dakota, request a copy of the North Dakota Travel Guide by calling 800-435-5663 or view the digital Travel Guide at

As one of North Dakota’s leading industries, tourism attracts visitors to the state’s 646 attractions, 357 events and festivals, and 886 hotels. In addition, more than 33,000 jobs in North Dakota are attributed to this robust industry.