2019 Governor's Awards for Travel and Tourism

2019 Award nominations are now closed.  Begin reviewing your nominations for next year!

The Governor’s Awards for Travel and Tourism recognize the passion and dedication of North Dakotans who have contributed to growing travel and tourism, our state’s third-largest industry. The awards were revised in 2017 to honor the people, organizations and communities that create valued destinations across North Dakota. Unless otherwise noted in the following descriptions, the nomination can be made by anyone and are open to all North Dakotans.

Awards will be presented at the North Dakota Travel Industry Conference in Minot, April 15-17, 2019.


2019 Awards

Heritage Award for a Front-line Tourism Employee: In North Dakota, we share a friendliness that helps define who we are. This heritage of hospitality is based on our values and true interest in helping visitors discover our state. Nominations for this award should be made by employers recognizing an individual who provides outstanding customer service to visitors on a daily basis. This person could be employed in any area of the travel/tourism and hospitality industry including lodging, resort, restaurant, casino, gas station, retail, recreation, etc.

Sakakawea Award for Behind the Scenes Tourism Employee: Named for the Shoshone wife of Charbonneau, who was hired to assist Lewis and Clark through the Louisiana Purchase, this award celebrates the young woman whose work behind the scenes allowed for the journey to be successful and others today who share her spirit and commitment to helping others enjoy their journeys. Nominations should be made by an employer, recognizing an individual who provides outstanding service behind the scenes in visitor-focused businesses. Examples would be housekeeping staff, cooks, administrative positions and technical staff, such as website designers. This person could be employed in any area of the travel/tourism and hospitality industry including lodging, resort, restaurant, casino, gas station, retail, recreation, etc.

The Legend Award for Travel & Tourism Industry Leadership: Our state’s brand was built on the rich stories of historical legends like Lewis and Clark and Theodore Roosevelt and also represents today’s legends like Carson Wentz. These stories continue to engage visitors in authentic ways that help set North Dakota apart. The Legend Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated legendary leadership in the tourism industry statewide and beyond. This individual's long-term leadership in the areas of destination development must be proven by a significant impact in visitor spending and/or creating differentiated communities. Leadership should be demonstrated in multiple areas, such as tourism policy formation, advocacy, collaboration and participation in industry events and associations. This award may be given to a former recipient if dramatic enhancements have happened to their destination, attraction or event since the award was last received, a minimum of 10 years prior.

Telegraph Award for Marketing Technology: Modern communication began with a simple system of dots and dashes that provided an important service to many. Samuel Morse could never have imagined Twitter or Uber, but the base was built and today’s technology provides the opportunity for North Dakota to market and be considered along with destinations around the globe. This award is given to a tourism entity with creative use of social media platforms, websites, applications or data driven consumer marketing that has resulted in increased awareness, image and visitation. This award can be given to an individual, agency or destination marketing organization showing leadership in using technology.

Trailblazer Award for Tourism Innovation: North Dakota history is full of leaders who blazed trails across our state, from oxcarts to today’s mountain bikes. This award acknowledges the spirit of perseverance and creativity in developing unique North Dakota offerings and is given to an attraction, event, person, group, company or organization that has been innovative in improving visitor experiences in North Dakota. This could include private-public partnerships, collaboration between entities, creating unique packages, engaging community members, etc.

Flint Firestarter Award for a Tourism Development Project: For more than 11,000 years, Native Americans mined flint and used it to make tools, sharpen edges and to trade for other needed goods. Knife River flint found in western North Dakota was the best quality and more valuable than gold. Today, flint is still used to start fires which is representative of our new destination development award. This award recognizes a new offering that has opened in a downtown district that has the potential to attract visitors and enhance the Main Street experience by offering improved amenities and spark future development in the core of a community.

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