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Posted by Scooter Pursley on February 10, 2014
Sisters Monique and Jocelyn Lamoureux of Grand Forks teamed up Monday to help Team USA roll over Switzerland 9-0 in Group A women's hockey at the Winter Olympic Games. Monique scored two goals, both with an assist to Jocelyn, as the team set the stage for Wedenesday's Group A showdown with bitter... Read More
Posted by Scooter Pursley on February 08, 2014
The United States women's hockey team with sisters Monique and Jocelyn Lamoureux from Grand Forks has begun its quest for Olympic gold. Team USA defeated Finland 3-1 in a preliminary round game in Sochi, Russia, on Saturday. Each Lamoureux took two shots on goal but came away scoreless. Goalie... Read More
Posted by heather_lemoine on February 01, 2014
Black-tailed prairie dog,         photo by Greg Forcey Okay, okay.  So we all know it's actually a relative of the prairie dog that gets all the fame and glory right about now.  Still we thought the holiday was a good reason to call Theodore Roosevelt National Park... Read More
Posted by Jason Mitchell on December 12, 2013
Fall fishing is usually a good barometer to judge the opportunities that will prevail during the ice fishing season. Good fishing in the fall almost always leads to good ice fishing while poor fall fishing often points to continued poor fishing through the winter. I can’t remember all of the fall... Read More
Posted by Jason Mitchell on October 16, 2013
When we look at a map of North Dakota, there is a swath that stretches across most of the state from south east to northwest that is a rolling prairie landscape often referred to as the “Prairie Pothole Region.”  Duck hunters and biologists often affectionately refer to this area as the “... Read More
Posted by Marnie Lahtinen on October 02, 2013
Recently, my out-of-state college roommate called to say that she and her husband need a respite from their crazed, big-city schedules. She thought a trip to North Dakota, the "heartland," is exactly what they needed. Her request: Suggest a half dozen things to do in your state, this fall. Now.... Read More
Posted by Scooter Pursley on August 27, 2013
Another football season is underway and I would like to share with you what I think are the best places to watch college or high school football in North Dakota. Having been to my share of locales in 36 years of sports writing, I have my favorites and not-so-favorites. But we'll keep it positive.... Read More
Posted by heather_lemoine on August 21, 2013
A weekend on Devils Lake was on our summer to-do list and it definitely earned a spot back on the list for next summer. There was tubing, skiing, fishing, campfires and smores, kayaking, fishing, ice cream treats, dinner on the deck and did I mention fishing?! Devils Lake is this incredible... Read More
Posted by heather_lemoine on July 19, 2013
The new also has a new blog! And I tell ya, there's been a lot of pressure (self-inflicted) to write the perfect first post for our new format. My notebook is filled with a lot of topic ideas: Cool family experiences in North Dakota Enjoying North Dakota culture through food The new... Read More
Posted by Bob & Ginny Riege on November 20, 2012
Traditions are something that Harvey, North Dakota has to offer especially when it comes to hunting in the fall. Harvey, North Dakota has hunting rooted in the traditional family methods and it is carried on from generation to generation. The click of a receiver on a prized shotgun will bring back... Read More
Showing 71 - 80 of 273