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Posted by Jason Mitchell on July 01, 2014
On North Dakota waters, walleyes rule. There are many other species that present different challenges, but there is nothing like a walleye straight out of the river and into a frying pan. Successful walleye outings take more than just casting a line with a spoon from the shore, or trolling... Read More
Posted by Scooter Pursley on June 13, 2014
It’s hard to think of yourself as bypassed by people who have no reason to drive by you in the first place. Sturgis is different in that people plan for months what route they are taking to the granddaddy of all bike rallies each August in the Black Hills. That means there is plenty of time to... Read More
Posted by Tourism Director Sara Otte Coleman on June 09, 2014
Summer travel season is in full swing in North Dakota and I was able to enjoy events from east to west and points in between last week. In Grand Forks, the weather was perfect for downtown shopping and a pizza on the rooftop of Rhombus Guys.  And the new Panera Bread restaurant also lived up... Read More
Posted by Jason Mitchell on May 21, 2014
This 2014 spring has been late, wet and cool in some parts of the state but open water fishing opportunities are in full swing. Devils Lake traditionally offers some tremendous walleye fishing for shore anglers early in the season, particular springs where there is some heavy runoff coming... Read More
Posted by Sarah Nasello on May 19, 2014
Two summers  ago, my family and I set out on a mission to discover as much of North Dakota as we could in three months. We called our adventure “Lost on the Prairie,” and every weekend we’d load up our car to travel to parts of North Dakota unknown to us. It wasn’t difficult to find those... Read More
Posted by heather_lemoine on May 01, 2014
North Dakota's premier museum, the State Museum at the North Dakota Heritage Center in Bismarck, has been undergoing an expansion and renovation so significant that the museum has been closed since late 2012. Two new galleries have now opened to the public and when they heard about the Heritage... Read More
Posted by Scooter Pursley on March 17, 2014
March Madness has struck North Dakota. When North Dakota State’s men and the University of North Dakota women played their ways into the NCAA basketball tournaments, excitement reached a fever pitch – not that it was far from there to start with. And like other states, North Dakota is full of fans... Read More
Posted by Scooter Pursley on February 20, 2014
Sometimes you dig and dig and dig and what you thought was gold you were digging for turns out to be silver. Team USA blew a two-goal lead in the last five minutes of regulation to Canada and lost 3-2 in overtime Thursday in the Olympic gold medal game in Sochi, Russia. North Dakotans Monique and... Read More
Posted by Scooter Pursley on February 18, 2014
All those brawl-filled "exhibition" games and the "meaningless" preliminary round game were nothing more than table-setters for Thursday's Olympic gold medal hockey showdown between Team USA and Canada. It will be a rematch of the title game at the 2010 Olympics, won by Canada. Former University... Read More
Posted by Scooter Pursley on February 12, 2014
It was only a prelim round game between two teams already headed for Monday's semifinals and probably a gold medal showdown. So what did Wednesday's 3-2 win by Canada over the U.S. mean? Probably nothing, except that you had better take advantage of your chances when you get them, because you... Read More
Showing 61 - 70 of 273