Yummy! Great summer Ribfests continue!

Tantalize your taste buds at Watford City's Best in the West Ribfest Today! Enjoy the sweet and spicy barbecue scents wafting in the air and join the many ribfesters as they experience the samplings offered by cooking teams from across the country. A variety of kid's activities will be on hand, and live music by the Taylor Brothers will encourage you to kick up your heels. http://www.4eyes.net; 1-800-701-2804

What else is goen on this weekend? To name a few Art Festivals, Buggy Days, County Fairs, Motorcycle Runs, Rodeos and much much more! Check it out! http://www.ndtourism.com/whatdo/events/festival-list.asp

There are only a few weekends left before the school year kicks off and everyone goes in different directions, so bring the whole family to your favorite North Dakota August events!!! Yeee Hahh